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Automotive Logistics Summit welcomes in Timișoara professionals from Eastern Europe

Automotive Logistics Summit welcomes in Timișoara professionals from Eastern Europe

The second edition of Automotive Logistics Summit event will soon welcome important automotive manufacturers, logistics, transport, material handling, packaging and software providers for the automotive industry from Romania and Eastern Europe.

Scheduled to take place on February 23rd, in Romania’s Western city of Timișoara, the Automotive Logistics Summit 2017 is a regional gathering of important company representatives. As a portal for automotive market names to come forth and present their latest technologies and business strategies, the second edition of the event will focus on logistics concepts, innovation, supply chain, manufacturing in Romania and efficiency in warehouse operations.

The day’s guest-speakers are all representatives of the industry, with backgrounds in business and management, such as: the Logistics Manager for Kiekert (Lucie Brklova), the Head of Industrial Agency of JLL Romania (Costin Bănică), the Logistic Manager at Dura Automotive (Radu Crainic), the Operations Logistics Coordinator (Mădălin Mereș) and Key User Logistics (Andreea Mocanu) for Marquardt Schaltsysteme S.C.S. and the Head of Logistics for Hirschmann Automotive (Gabriel Ghilă). The event will also bring in the Logistics & Material Planning Manager for Yazaki România (Dan Culda), the Business Development representative for Automotive EE, Kuehne + Nagel (Michael Schnepf), the Managing Director for Tezcon Storage Systems & Fabio Ostuni – Business Development (Ozkan Tezel) and the Process Manager for Autonet Romania (Gabriel Plătică).

The event organizers, along with its guest speakers, plan to answer some of the industry’s questions regarding logistics operations and their evolution. The way the market is heading, the possibility for upgrades, the risks and investment opportunities are just some of the topics of this year’s Automotive Logistics Summit.

Overall, the event is set to focus on three discussion panels. Guest speakers in the first panel, ‘Supply chain disrupted’, are set to talk about the risks that logistics operations are facing these days. There are numerous hazards, from bottlenecks on the production line, all the way to natural disasters. The public will learn of ways to handle these issues, including means to incorporate new and better technologies into everyday logistics. The second panel, ‘Building better finished vehicles logistics networks’, will focus on transport capacity, as the industry produces more and more vehicles. Guest speakers will also talk about the investments that companies are making, in order to have efficient transport services and assets, as well as using tracking technologies. The third and last panel, ‘Tuning up the automotive aftermarket logistics’, will highlight the importance of supply chains for spare parts, as well as ways to improve services reserved for customers. Other open discussions will focus on smart investments in the automotive industry, in Romania.

One of the highlights of the event will be the first live demo show with the IFOY 2016 winner the Weasel automated guided vehicle from SSI SCHÄFER.

Some of the company names which have already announced their presence will be: Automobile Dacia, Hirschmann, Continental Electronics Romania, Hella Romania, Autoliv, Conectika, Zoppas Industries, Draexlmaier Romania, Azur, Policolor, Swoboda, Pirelli Romania, Mahle, Huf Romania, Somipress, Coficab, ZF TRW, Comau and many more.

The event is supported by JLL Romania, Kuehne + Nagel, SSI Schäfer, Rădăcini Equipment, Tezcon, Elmas, BCVO Logistics, Total Technologies, Toyota Material Handling Romania, Rondocarton, Jungheinrich Romania and WDP.

The event will be held for one day, in Timișoara, at the Regional Center for Business Activities (Centrul Regional de Afaceri Timişoara), organized by the Intermodal & Logistics Magazine, in a partnership with ARILOG and ACAROM.