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Belarus builds logistics center on Lithuanian border

Belarus builds logistics center on Lithuanian border

An important logistics operator from Belarus recently inaugurated a new transport and logistic center on the country’s border with Lithuania. The country’s largest logistics operator, Beltamozhservice is responsible for this latest achievement, giving vehicles and services better access to Belarus and Lithuania when traveling through the Kamenny Log border checkpoint.

The new center is located at 147 km from the M7 Motorway (Minsk – Lithuanian border – Vilnius), part of the Pan European Transport Corridor IX. By having a strategic position, the Beltamozhservice logistics center offers high-quality transit cargo services to foreign freight forwarders.

This will be the first logistics center to offer cross-border logistics services to transit freight and transport vehicles from Lithuania.

To speed up cargo processing, the center will also operate a customs clearance point, a Bank of Belarus office and another office destined for the Inspectorate for seed, plant protection and quarantine.

The keyword for the Beltamozhservice center is ‘modern’, according to company representatives. The center uses ‘modern warehouse technologies’, as well as a large parking area for trucks, to allow ‘customers carry out customs and cargo operations in the immediate vicinity to the Kamenny Log checkpoint’.

The recent build was possible thanks to a logistics development program in Belarus, which aims to improve logistics services and the infrastructure needed for these services.