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Black Sea ports witness growth in container traffic

Black Sea ports witness growth in container traffic

Recent data has revealed a general growth of the number of TEUs passing through some of the Black Sea ports, in the first nine months of this year.

According to an economic analysis, the highest ranking country for Black Sea activities is Ukraine. The seaside country stands to see an improvement of 32,52% in the first nine months of this year over last year’s numbers. In total, the seaside cargo terminal in Ukraine managed to move 397.303 TEUs, which is also the largest amount of the five countries compared. At number two is Romania, with a steady increase of 7,11% and 339.285 TEUs moved in 2016. Following these numbers is Russia, with 326.864 TEUs, around 5,68% more than in 2015. Finally, Bulgarian authorities managed to move 123.752 TEUs in its Black Sea terminal, 4,37% better for this year.

At the opposite side of the analysis is Georgia, actually doing worse than last year. With just 143.422 TEUs, the country managed to move 15,25% less containers. Adding up all of these percentage points, the Black Sea region is witness to an increase in TEU activity of 9,64% over last year’s performance. Furthermore, Georgia managed to improve its business after the first quarter of this year, when another analysis attributed a decrease of 36,75% in TEUs moved, compared to the same period of 2015. Also, Ukraine further improved its potential for economic activities, as the Q1 numbers show an increase of 5,98%.

The numbers, which total 1.330.626 TEUs, refer to full containers. Adding the empty ones, as well, the region’s ports managed to handle close to 1,84 million (1.839.869) units. To further explain, the estimate for empty containers was 27,68% of the total, while 72,32% was reserved for full containers.

Companies that control the Black Sea

Talking about the companies involved in the trade, MAERSK continues to dominate the region, owning around 24,01% of all containers that passed through. The second place is occupied by MSC, with 20,75% of the containers, CMA CGM operates 10,93%, ARKAS works with 9,69% and ZIM has 8,19% of the containers in the region.

Furthermore, the DPW Terminal in Constanța (Romania) managed to handle the largest cargo volume, with HPC in Odessa (Ukraine) coming in second.