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Blockchain technologies keeping data safe!

Blockchain technologies keeping data safe!

Logistics is experiencing a worldwide evolution, in terms of using advanced technologies to make day-to-day operations easier.  

One of the most important aspects of any successful business is the efficient exchange of information, according to several expert opinions. Eliminating paper documents and digitizing them across the network results in less time spent processing data and safer operations overall. None of this could have been possible if not for the ever-changing world wide web, along with advanced servers, devices, and technologies. Several solutions are under consideration, with one emerging as the ultimate safe-option: blockchain.

This innovation is, essentially, an online database, where the same information is saved on multiple servers. An apparently simple idea, it ensures protection from cyber hacking, considering this type of attack isn’t possible on multiple servers at the same time.

Another advantage is that blockchain allows companies to work without the need for centralized computers. This way, all transactions, including accounting entries, are recorded online, which offers an overall transparency, according to the Head of the Lean & Process Management Division in the AsstrA-Associated Traffic AG international transport and logistics group, Maciej Tyburczy. He says that ‘all information and documents will be on the Web. We will avoid paper documentation and the goods will be tracked by GPS transmitters on a larger scale than before’. He also points out that every transport stage will be available online to those involved.

Last, but not least, it comes down to costs. Blockchain technology offers lower service rates, which can be even five times less than they are today. These estimates were made for expenses related to the administration and archiving of documents in the TSL industry.