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Chinese cargo arrives in Hungary by train

Chinese cargo arrives in Hungary by train

Transporters managed to reach a vital step in Eurasian rail cargo transport, by establishing a direct link between Asia and Europe.

Workers at the Budapest BILK Terminal (Hungary) will be able to load containers onto trains destined for Xi’an (China) and vice-versa. The first train from Xi’an arrived at the Rail Cargo Terminal – BILK via the Záhony-Eperjeske transshipment station. Travel took 10 days, in which the train covered more than 7,000 km, going through Kazakhstan (via the Chinese-Kazakh border crossing Alashankou/Dostyk) and Ukraine (via Batjevo/Eperjeske).

The Rail Cargo Group is the first to handle a cargo train on this route, having established a record of 10 days travel time. However, the expected travel time will generally be between 10 to 12 days.

Rail Cargo Group operates several regular routes between Europe and Asia, with this being the most recent.

This is considered the fastest train route, for cargo transport, between China and Europe.

Rail Cargo Group operates around 1,600 trains per year, with a total volume of 120,000 TEUs. Estimates show that having these trains in services eliminates the need for around 60,000 truck journeys and reduces greenhouse gases by several hundred thousand tones.