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Countries ready for alliance of Mediterranean ports

Countries ready for alliance of Mediterranean ports

European, African and Asian countries with ports in the Mediterranean Sea have agreed to form an alliance, in order to promote the area’s trade on a global level.

With talk going on during the events of the Medports Forum, in Marseille (France), authorities from Mediterranean countries decided to form an organization for trading cooperation. As a result, the November event from France led to the creation of an ambitious plan to cooperate on seaside trading, in the Mediterranean Sea region. Specifically, representatives from 25 countries, specialized in port-related activities, have announced a new organization, to control trading in the Mediterranean Sea area of Europe, Northern Africa and Eastern Asia.

The new authority will have to coordinate security activities, watch over the impact of trading on the environment and decide on the best practices for supply chain innovation. Some of the countries part of this organization include, but are not limited to: Bulgaria, Turkey and Israel, along with others which have ports in the previously-mentioned sea.

According to the Marseille Fos CEO and current Intermed Gateways chair, Christine Cabau Woehrel, this alliance should be able to provide traders with alternative, more efficient routes: ‘We want to set the conditions for an efficient Mediterranean alternative to the northern port routes by sharing our experiences, by developing new shipping routes and supply chain models, by promoting training and by developing IT solutions to create smart ports’.

On the same note, some of the discussions at this year’s France event focused on the strategic positions of the Mediterranean ports, with connections to international shipping lanes, and an emphasis on container trading. Further discussions included debate on the shipping logistics sectors, business development and the best practices for efficient operations. It is estimated that the growth for box volumes has been greater in the Mediterranean region, than in the Northern part of Europe. This is one of the reasons the new organization comes into play as the ‘Southern gateway alternative’ to the Northern routes.