Home HiTech DHL wins award thanks to efficient cargo transport solution for the future

DHL wins award thanks to efficient cargo transport solution for the future

DHL wins award thanks to efficient cargo transport solution for the future

DHL was recently awarded the German Mobility Prize (“Deutscher Mobilitätspreis”) for one of its advanced concepts for the future of cargo transport. The “Deutschland – Land der Ideen” (Germany – land of ideas) initiative and the Federal Ministry for Transport and Digital Infrastructure were responsible for this award. Previous to this event, DHL has come up with a “Parcelcopter”, an innovation in the cargo transport game. This was selected by a jury of 16 experts and awarded a place in the top 10 out of 350 inventions and concept submissions.

Parcelcopter – Drones for the future

Thanks to research and development, DHL has come up with a way to transport packages using drones. The first official flight of this Parcelcopter concept vehicle took place back in 2013, in Bonn (Germany), with another flight between the North Sea Island and the Mainland, in 2015. The latest flight took place this Spring, from the Bavarian ski resort of Reit im Winkl to the Winklmoosalm mountain plateau. The drone service ensures automated loading and unloading of parcels, using a dedicated landing zone, as well as its advanced DHL Packstation Technology. At the ski resort, the Parcelcopter became an integrated part of the DHL delivery chain. This transport vehicle is best used in areas where conventional deliveries are impossible. Drones are flexible and offer rapid delivery of goods, according to a Management Board Member for Post – eCommerce – Parcel at Deutsche Post DHL Group, Jürgen Gerdes.

The same Board Member also had this to say, regarding the new DHL service: “We are more than convinced that the parcelcopter has allowed us to create real added value in the field of logistics. In the future, this could take the shape of deliveries of emergency medical supplies or deliveries to regions situated in a challenging geographical location, as most recently in Reit im Winkl”.

The Parcelcopter service focuses on the use of transport drones in the parcel logistics game. This is an advanced project which ensures that DHL has become the ‘first parcel service provider in the world to make use of a parcelcopter for end-customer access’.

Others working on drone delivery

In recent years, experts have started talking more about the use of drones in everyday activities, including leisure and transport. Amazon, for instance, has been working on a drone delivery service of its own. The Amazon Prime Air drones are designed for destinations of under 30 minutes away, using small, unmanned vehicles. The service is still in development.