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DPD to implement efficient service into Baltic region operations

DPD to implement efficient service into Baltic region operations

The DPD company is currently working on the second stage of an expansion project for its parcel delivery and pickup services, with roll out in the Baltic region states.

DPD is working to expand its advanced network for parcel delivery and pickup, inside the Baltic states, to which it will be adding additional services. The main element of this expansion consists of installing automated parcel lockers inside company-affiliated stores. The stores, which have been collaborating with the company since 2014, are part of DPD’s chain of Pickup Parcel Shops, places where customers are able to retrieve their packages. The stores are also used to send packages to any country inside the European Union. The pickup and delivery spots usually operate within small or local businesses, in collaboration with DPD just for this service.

Consequently, DPD has started to install outdoor lockers where parcels are to be stored and to which customers will have access. The service combines the lockers and the shops into a single entity for business, offering both delivery and pickup. Over 300 delivery lockers will have been installed this year, with a few more by the end of 2016, in countries such as Lithuania (15), Latvia (10) and Estonia (20). In total, Lithuania will have 96 units, Latvia will operate with 104 and Estonia will benefit from 121 parcel delivery spots, located in main cities, in strategic points. Even more, customers benefit from the DPD Pickup finder service inside the three countries.

The key advantages

The new locker service offered by the DPD Pickup network comes with three important advantages:

  • Extra Small Compartments: The company prides itself on having compartments for extra small cargo, products which tend to dominate the e-commerce market.
  • A hybrid and easily-adaptable network: Company employees are able to identify market potential for new delivery spots. Employees responsible will be able to expand the company accordingly, in a short period of time.
  • Able to transport and store temperature-sensitive cargo: DPD is delivering parcels with contents sensitive to high or low temperatures. These products are particularly vulnerable during the winter and summer months, when temperatures tend to reach extreme values. The shops and parcel lockers tend to keep a constant temperature, regardless of outside conditions.

Once shops will be equipped with parcel lockers, customers will benefit from a wider range of convenient delivery options.

Plans for the future

As of 2017, the company is planning a new stage of development, thanks to which the DPD Pickup network will be integrated into the Pickup infrastructure, in other countries than the Baltics. In total, DPD is estimated to have more than 26,000 locations by the end of next year.