Home Industrial Gazprom Neft and DKV to further improve collaboration in Russia and beyond

Gazprom Neft and DKV to further improve collaboration in Russia and beyond

Gazprom Neft and DKV to further improve collaboration in Russia and beyond

The fourth largest oil producer in Russia, Gazprom Neft, is continuing its collaboration with DKV Euro Service, at the Gazprom fuel distribution stations.

Following the beginning of the strategic collaboration between Gazprom and DKV in 2015, the two companies have been working to extend their businesses. Specifically, DKV is in the process of implementing its card-based services across all of the Gazprom fuel stations in Russia. As of November 1st, the DKV Card is now accepted at a number of 1.169 Gazprom Neft stations inside the country. There is also talk of further expansion of this card-based service, into Gazprom Neft stations in the nearby countries of Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Talking about this latest decision to expand the service into neighboring countries, the Managing Director at DKV Euro Service Russia, Natalia Loktionova, said: ‘Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan are important transit and target countries for our customers from Eastern Europe. We are happy to provide them with high-quality and price attractive Gazprom Neft diesel’.

The DKV Card is currently in use around Europe, across 42 countries and over 54.000 service stations. The card is mostly intended to reduce expenses on fuel spending, but also to eliminate some of the bureaucracy that comes with trucking on national and international routes. It offers fuel tax refunds in Belgium, France, Slovenia and Spain. The card comes with six types of services: Fuel Plus; Toll Plus; Service Plus; Info Plus; Route Planning and Business Plus. Each comes with its own set of advantages and money-saving opportunities. The Toll Plus option, for instance, allows users to pay for most of the road taxes implemented across 20 European countries. Also, the Service Plus option comes with assistance services in emergency brakedowns. There are currently over 135,000 customers who own this card and close to 2.5 million cards and On Board Units in circulation.

All of the Gazprom fuel stations are suitable for trucks, offering 24-hour services. Also, the company’s winterproof diesel fuel is best for driving in areas with constantly low temperatures.