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Gebrüder Weiss expands operations in Romania

Gebrüder Weiss expands operations in Romania

Transport and logistics provider Gebrüder Weiss  inaugurated a new logistics terminal in the city of Sibiu (Romania).

The new 4,500 square-meter facility includes a logistics terminal and a cross-docking center for Gebrüder Weiss România. Located near the Romanian city of Sibiu, the extension of an already active work point became necessary, as the need for logistics-related services has been seeing an increase. The project was completed in June.

‘Thanks to the extension we can best meet our clients’ requests and an increase in cargo volumes’, according to the General Manager of Gebrüder Weiss România, Viorel Leca.

The company which started out small

Gebrüder Weiss was founded in 1994, having no more than four employees, but grew to one of the most significant logistics companies on the Romanian market.

Nowadays, the logistics firm operates with 600 employees, spread out across 11 work points totaling 50,000 square meters. Moreover, Romania’s increased trade with Central European countries contributed to the company’s development, according to the Regional Manager for South-East Europe/CIS at Gebrüder Weiss, Thomas Moser. Recent numbers tend to show that countries such as Germany, Austria, France, Bulgaria and Hungary top the list of destinations for Gebrüder Weiss.

In 2017 alone, Gebrüder Weiss managed to move around 1.2 million tons of cargo, spread between 605,442 trips, resulting in an 11% increase compared to 2016’s numbers.