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Good news for Belarus-France commerce

Good news for Belarus-France commerce

Representatives from both French and Belorussian political groups met recently to talk about increased commercial cooperation between the two countries.

Specifically, the Chairman of the Council of the Republic of Belarus, Mikhail Myasnikovich (note: picture above) met with a delegation of the France-Belarus Friendship Group of the National Assembly of France in Minsk (note: capital city of Belarus).

The representatives discussed important matters concerning investment cooperation, which authorities in Belarus are eager to intensify. Numbers from the dairy industry back up the need for expansion, citing efficient cooperation between the country and French food company Danone, as well as other producers.

‘We would also like to see more headway in the industry. Belarus and France are implementing a project in the pharmaceutical sector. There are also projects in engineering’, according to Mikhail Myasnikovich.

Trade between Belarus and France has already witnessed a significant improvement in 2017, when numbers went up by 28% compared to 2016. The same applies to 2018, when mutual trade increased by 13% until now.

One way to improve performance in the trade industry, as suggested by the Chairman of the France-Belarus Friendship Group, Christophe Lejeune would be to invest in industry, agriculture and tourism. This being said, a number of agricultural-oriented companies have expressed interest in developing trade relations with Belarus, especially in meat production. Lejeune promised to return to Belarus during the winter season, with several representatives of French agricultural companies.

Last, but not least, Belorussian politicians expressed interest in promoting their concept of a resolution on digital economy, with plans to present it during the summer session of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly in Berlin.