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Increased traffic between Lithuania and Ukraine

Increased traffic between Lithuania and Ukraine

The Viking combined transport train was responsible for an increase in the volume of containers transported in January 2020.

Official data shows an increase of 21% in January 2020, compared to the same month of 2019, in train container traffic transported by the Lithuania-Belarus-Ukraine Containerships train.

‘The Viking train and the Containerships Train are important international logistics projects, the successful implementation of which opens up prospects for attracting additional freight flows’, according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Infrastructure, Vladyslav Kryklii, talking about the benefits that both Ukraine and Lithuania can obtain, at the Europe of the Carpathians International Conference held in Poland.

On the same note, the Minister of Transport and Communications of Lithuania, Jaroslav Narkevič insisted on having strong relations between the two countries, in the field of transport infrastructure.

‘The parties are determined in every way to help remove barriers in international road transport. At the first stage, the issue of exchanging multiple transit permission is being worked out’, according to the Ukrainian Minister.

The Viking combined transport train route passes through Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine, on a 1,753 km-long journey. The train connects a chain of container lines in the Baltic states with a similar system implemented in the Mediterranean, Caspian and Black sea regions.