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First intermodal train connecting Romania to Poland

First intermodal train connecting Romania to Poland

GOPET Trans has launched a new intermodal railway train service, able to transport cargo across multiple Eastern European states.

The new train, set to run once per week in each direction, departs from the Oradea Terminal (Romania), going through Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland, all the way to the Spedcont Container Terminal in the Polish city of Łódź. This journey will take place each Wednesday. The return run will take place each Friday, following the same route.

The train will run for more than 1,000 km, passing through four border checkpoints, ultimately linking Romania and Poland, two of the most prominent markets of the Central and Eastern European regions.

This is only a temporary schedule, considering GOPET plans to increase the frequency to two trains in each direction, starting in September. Furthermore, the company hopes to reach 40 wagons for each train, by the end of 2018.

The current fleet of wagons includes Pallet Wide High Cube Containers, with operations handled smoothly at each end of the map.

This new connection opens up trade possibilities with the Scandinavian states, thanks to the existing rail line from Łódź to Gdynia. As for the Balkan states, customers are able to use the train service running from the Curtici border city in Romania, to Stara Zagora (Bulgaria), via Rousse.

Planning this route was a challenge for the GOPET team, seeing as a much shorter path could have been used through the Slovakian Tatra Mountains, if only a railway would have been traversing them.