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New Poland office for Kerry Logistics

New Poland office for Kerry Logistics

A leading logistics service provider from Asia, Kerry Logistics Network Limited, has recently opened a regional office in the Eastern-European country of Poland.

Kerry Logistics is continuing its expansion onto the European market. Its most recent office was opened in Poland, in the country’s capital-city of Warsaw. This is intended to promote the company on an international level and allow for improved business regarding its freight movements.

For the position of Managing Director at the Polish branch, the company has chosen a leader with previous high-ranking experience in logistics. The former General Director at C. Spaarmann Logistics GmbH, Diana Sokół, will lead the Kerry Logistic office in Poland. The official can pride herself on having extensive experience in East-West European trade relations, soon to lead a small team of six members. Sokół will also be responsible with freight forwarding solutions for ocean, air and road transport, as well as customs operations.

Commenting on the recent decision to name Diana as Managing Director,Thomas Blank, the Managing Director of the Kerry Logistics Europe branch said: ‘We are committed to offering local know-how combined with our in-depth knowledge of the Asian market. We will continue to increase our European footprint in line with our customers’ development in the region, to ensure we offer them the best possible service.

This isn’t the first office that Kerry Logistics has opened in Poland, the company having previously inaugurated a Shared Service Centre in Poznan, back in November 2016. This was established to increase the competitiveness in the region. Poland has been regarded as a gateway between Central- and Eastern-European countries.

On another positive note, Kerry Logistics has recently unveiled info regarding its financial progress in the last year. According to company data, the group managed to achieve an increase in its turnover of 14%, to around 24.036 million HKD (Hong Kong Dollar) (2,9 billion EUR). Furthermore, a core operating profit increase has been recorded in the vicinity of 4% (reaching a total of 1.104 million HKD or 133 million EUR). One of the businesses helping with the growth is the e-commerce market, especially cross-border relations between the company and countries of the ASEAN region and China.