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New way for Asian cargo to enter Europe

New way for Asian cargo to enter Europe

Recent talks between officials led to a new transport route meant to encourage Asian countries to transport their cargo to Europe. Officials from Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Romania signed a declaration of development, at a recent meeting in Bucharest (Romania), for a new Caspian Sea – Black Sea international transport corridor.

The new route will pass from the port of Turkmenbashi (Turkmenistan) to Azerbaijan, then by rail to Batumi or Poti (Georgia) and then along the Black Sea to Romania (in the port of Constanța).

According to experts, this route should help revitalize the interests of Russian and Chinese investors. Furthermore, by having many investors involved in this project should make the transport route as stable and profitable as possible.

‘By signing the declaration, the ministers stressed the importance of this route in the transit scheme connecting West and East, and noted that connecting Europe with Central Asia through two seas is the shortest and most profitable route among the transport networks that exist so far’, according to a report of the meeting between the four country representatives. It is believed that including Romania in this scheme will help involve the European Union.