Home Automotive P3 builds a new warehouse for automotive supplier PTG Slovakia

P3 builds a new warehouse for automotive supplier PTG Slovakia

P3 builds a new warehouse for automotive supplier PTG Slovakia

The construction of a new warehouse of 16.490 sqm for PTG Slovakia, an automotive supplier, will complete the expansion of P3 Bratislava Park.

The third phase of the expansion of P3 Bratislava Park, which comprises62.000 sqm, almost all of which is already leased, was launched in 2015 with the purchase of additional land and it is now approaching a successful completion.Besides the warehouse for PTG, buildings for Faurecia and Ingram Micro are also under construction, highlighting the park’s success as a location for major players in the automotive sector. Existing customers from the automotive industry in the Bratislava Park are Faurecia, HBPO and Panasonic. In addition, P3 has a strong automotive client base in Germany, where it recently completed a warehouse for PSA Peugeot Citroen.

PTG will employ 110 people at P3 Bratislava and, from May 2017, will supply its products to Volkswagen for use in its popular SUVs. cars such as the VW Touareg, Audi Q7 and Q8 as well as the Porsche Cayenne will use wheels mounted and calibrated by PTG Slovakia.

“The timing of the project was absolutely crucial, driven by negotiations between PTG Slovakia and the VW Group,” says Peter Jánoši, P3’s Country Head in Slovakia, adding: “Being selected for the contract on all SUVs produced in the VW factory hinged on being able to bring this project forward quickly, which we were able to do because we had already secured the necessary building permit. The PTG building will provide a total of 16,490 sqm including warehousing, production space and 475 sqm of offices. As the project started in good time, we were able to work with PTG as a partner and customer to conclude all the potential issues and aspects of the build to everyone’s satisfaction.

“This is our third building under construction in P3 Bratislava. We now have a total of 12 warehouses under construction across the nine European countries in which we are active.”

Innovative bespoke design features

The design of PTG Slovakia’s warehouse includes several features being launched for the first time. For example, a special tunnel to allow quicker loading and unloading in a controlled environment is being built specifically to the customer’s requirements. The tunnel will be closed to maintain a constant temperature and cleanliness. “We expanded the range of uses for this tunnel and adapted the building to suit our clients,” said Roman Setvák, P3’s Head of Construction in Slovakia, adding: “PTG’s second requirement – floors that are absolutely level – is established as a standard for P3. Ultra-level floors are particularly important for PTG because of the precision calibration and setting of tires.”

PTG’s new warehouse will contain a fully automated assembly line system on which entire wheels will be completed, including discs and tires. Part of the space will be dedicated to storage, increasing the floor loading, which had to be taken into account when designing the building. In keeping with the modern nature of the building, it will also include sensors for water-saving, two-stage water flushing, its own transformer for a backup diesel generator and insulated cladding according to EU standards.

Completion of PTG’s new facility is scheduled for February 2017.