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P&O Ferrymasters invests in intermodal equipment

P&O Ferrymasters invests in intermodal equipment

P&O Ferrymasters, a leading European provider of logistics solutions, announced it has ordered 600 new containers for expanding its intermodal logistics network.

This is multi-million EUR investment, essential to the company’s plan for strategic growth. P&O Ferrymasters intends to develop new routes and services across Europe and Asia, with plans to add the new containers to existing fleets in the second half of 2019. The new containers are 45′ pallet-wide high-cube types. In addition, P&O Ferrymasters also ordered 700 pallet-wide high-cube containers back in 2018 and 240 of the swap-body units, primarily destined for its pan-European network and Mediterranean-based businesses. With the latest acquisition, the company increased its stock to 4,000 containers and 2,000 trailers.

P&O Ferrymasters has plans to expand its services across Western and Eastern Europe, reaching Turkey and beyond, towards Asia. The company uses intermodal railway hubs, like the one in Oradea (Romania), to better manage its cargo.

According to the company’s Intermodal Director, Wim Blomme: ‘As P&O Ferrymasters continues to expand the reach of our services across Europe and Asia, we will continue to make significant investments like this into our vital transport assets to ensure the capacity and quality of service our clients need. This new investment into freight containers will support our growing network, allowing us to continue to improve transport costs through enhanced modal shift, and provide the far reaching and reliable services P&O Ferrymasters is known for’.