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Rail Cargo Group expands into Poland

Rail Cargo Group expands into Poland

Rail Cargo Group’s strategy for better economic relations and improved business was just what the Polish economy needed, a country which managed to remain strong during the economic crisis of 2009. 

Recently, Rail Cargo Group purchased a Polish rail transport company (Rail Time Polska), which means it will be able to operate its own locomotives on the Polish market, starting from autumn 2019. This puts the number of countries where Rail Cargo is working with its own stock at 12.

Poland is currently the 7th largest economy in the European Union and 2nd largest rail freight market, with great growth potential for Rail Cargo Group. As of 2017, Poland moves around 234 million tonnes of cargo per year via rail.

Furthermore, the country is lucky enough to have two major rail corridors running through, namely the Baltic-Adriatic and North Sea-Baltic corridors. This, along with other rail links, offers potential for transports to and from China, being directly connected to the Oriental/Eastern Mediterranean corridor.

Rail Cargo Group’s transport network ensures high-quality and easy cross-border transport across its entire logistics and transport chain. The company operates in Austria, Hungary, Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Slovenia, Italy and Greece.