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Romanian pharma company uses electric refrigeration units

Romanian pharma company uses electric refrigeration units

Mediplus Exim, a Romanian pharmaceutical products distributor, has been working with Thermo King to upgrade its vehicles fleet.

The two companies have been working to create one of the largest vehicle fleets in Romania that uses only electric refrigeration units for pharmaceutical transport. Mediplus Exim, part of the Dr Max pan-European pharmaceutical group, can pride itself on having all-electric Thermo King E-200 Max 50 and B-100 30 refrigeration units.

Mediplus was in need of new vehicles, which ensured compliance with the European Union guidelines on good distribution practice for medicinal products, while also offering good value on maintenance, fuel savings and environmental regulatory requirements.

‘We focus our efforts to increase the quality, reliability and diversity of the services we provide to our customers and suppliers, raising quality standards and performance on the Romanian pharmaceutical market’, according to a statement made by Mediplus Exim Logistics Director, Sorin David.

Thanks to the collaboration between the two companies, Mediplus owns 144 new electric vehicles suitable for chilled and temperature controlled applications. All vehicles have a single-temperature zone configuration, which protects cargo during delivery and, specifically, during multiple door-opening moments.

The E-200 unit is Thermo King’s latest non-diesel addition, considered the next generation of full-electric refrigeration units. This vehicle features patented power management technologies, which help to lower energy consumption, thus increasing autonomy and reliability.

Thermo King won the European Transport Award for Sustainability 2020, for its E-200 unit.