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Romania’s cities with the highest land value

Romania’s cities with the highest land value

As land becomes a precious resource, considering the accelerated building rhythm in Romania, several cities are able to boast the title of highest land asking-prices for industrial developments.  According to Dunwell data, Cluj-Napoca, Bucharest, Sibiu, Timișoara and Craiova have the highest prices for land in the entire country.

Prices have increased constantly, especially in areas where industrial or logistics projects have been announced and/or near significant infrastructure projects and other developments. Cluj-Napoca has the highest asking price per square metre, between 50-60 EUR in Apahida and 60-70 in Jucu (both located near Cluj-Napoca). In Bucharest, prices range from 20-25 EUR in the West side, 25-35 EUR in the East, 30 EUR in the North-East and 30-40 EUR in the North-West. The most expensive land for industrial and logistic development for Romania’s capital-city can be valued at 60 EUR per sqm.

According to a Dunwell expert, the Head of Land Development, Andrei Moraru: ‘Any infrastructure project (highway, ringway etc.) boosts attractivity in the area. Ștefăneștii de Jos became a very attractive area once the A3 Bucharest-Ploiești highway and the connection with Bucharest’s ringway were completed’.

Moraru also believes that cities such as Târgu-Mureș, Turda and Constanța have great potential to attract business, considering there are several infrastructure projects in development and ‘connections with other important cities in Romania’.

The same Dunwell data shows that developers are mostly interested in plots with a minimum surface of 100,000 sqm near the main cities and around 50,000 sqm for regional cities. The best choices are plots ‘neighboring big infrastructure nods, which already have PUG authorization for future Logistics or Industrial developments’, Andrei Moraru concluded.