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Rosti Romania ready for new factory

Rosti Romania ready for new factory

Rosti Romania is preparing to build a new factory dedicated to plastic injection moulding and contract manufacturing.

The new site will house a custom-built center, spread across 10,000 sqm of manufacturing areas, offices, and storage. This is a significant addition to the company, which has been growing in the past few years, thanks to essential contracts from new and existing customers: ‘As customers are moving further into Eastern Europe, Rosti has responded by opening a new, larger plant. I am really excited to welcome both existing and new customers to our new Romanian facility, which offers the benefit of cost-effectiveness, whilst ensuring the highest quality standards you can expect’, according to Rosti Romania Managing Director, Ovidiu Lica.

The new factory will be built close to the company’s existing facility, in the city of Ploiești (Romania) and, once completed, will be two times bigger.

Based on plans, the building process will start as soon as the first part of 2020, with intents to open for production in August.

Thanks to the factory’s layout, it will be possible to add a further 8,000 sqm, in order to support future growth in demands.

Rosti Romania, which is owned by Rosti Group AG (a Swedish company), was established in 2013, to support customer manufacturing needs in Eastern Europe.