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Slovenia to install highway toll barriers for heavy trucks

Slovenia to install highway toll barriers for heavy trucks

A build project is currently underway in the country of Slovenia, which will apply to heavy trucks transporting cargo on the country’s highways.

The country’s National Company in charge of road networks (DARS – Družba za Avtoceste v Republiki Sloveniji) is working on a system of electronic toll gates, which are currently being installed on national highways. Starting in March, the build project will continue all the way through April and May, mostly during the night, to avoid traffic jams. The barriers are destined for heavy trucks transporting cargo on Slovenia’s highways.

At the moment, the toll system in the country consists of manual tolls for trucks and buses, on main highways, and a vignette system for personal passenger vehicles. Furthermore, the toll rates are based on distance. Experts agree that converting manual tolls to electronic versions is a money-saving tactic. Also, the modern system offers several advantages to the classical one, including less delays and better operational costs on a long term basis.

Slovenia is considered an important transit point between Italy and Austria, on one side, and Croatia and Hungary on the other, with freight traffic on the rise. To account for significant traffic flows, the system is being put in place, to reduce the negative impact on travel times.

With work currently underway, and considering the time it takes to test out the system in actual road conditions, the electronic tolls should be operational by the first part of 2018. The system is being installed in collaboration with Q-Free, a company from Norway, responsible with supplying the ITS Market with products and solutions.