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STS Acoustics opens new factory in Poland

STS Acoustics opens new factory in Poland

Panattoni Europe has recently completed the build process on a new facility inside the Międzyrzecz Industrial Park, in Poland for its client, STS Acoustics. Located in the Lubuskie region, the new manufacturing and warehousing center will benefit STS Acoustics, specialized in offering services for acoustic simulation, tests, prototypes and serial production.

The new center’s area is close to 9.000 square meters, of which 5.300 are occupied by the manufacturing section with the technical support area, close to 3.000 square meters are claimed by the warehouse and 640 square meters are reserved for office space and staff facilities.

The facility itself was built strategically, in such a way as to be enlarged if the need arises. It is also the first factory that STS Acoustics owns in Poland. The company’s decision to invest in the Polish market was influenced by a previous contract with truck manufacturer Scania. At the same time, the location is considered best thanks to its position to the port of Szczecin, which should help with the company’s exports to Sweden. Furthermore, the industrial park is located next to the country’s S3 expressway, part of the E65 trans-European international route from Sweden to Greece. Other connections are available with motorways and carriageways.

To prove its dedication to the market in Poland, STS has signed a lease for the facility, for no less than 12 years of operations. Panattoni Europe also ensured efficient traffic flow in and out of the Międzyrzecz facility.