Home Logistics Traxens becomes part of digital ports project

Traxens becomes part of digital ports project

Traxens becomes part of digital ports project

Traxens, known for its high-value data and services for the supply chain industry, has become part of the European DataPorts project.

Set to last three years, the European DataPorts project will require investments of 6.7 million EUR, with most of it coming from the European Union (5.7 million EUR). The Technological Institute of Informatics (ITI) from Spain coordinates this initiative.

The need for automation of container terminals is evident, considering that only 3% of terminals worldwide can boast being up to date with this digital necessity. All projections point towards smart ports being the way to overcome the rising amount of challenges and demands in cargo transport.

The European DataPorts project will take into account the data generated by connected seaports and the high level of digitization achieved by these locations. Moreover, the project will use existing digital platforms and tools to form a common industrial platform, where data from different sources can be combined and processed to achieve real value information.

Traxen’s contribution is valuable, considering the company provides global door-to-door visibility and fleet management capability for logistics units. These devices track, monitor and collect data, having been previously installed on logistics assets. Sensors provide geolocation, geofencing, temperature, humidity, door-open detection and client alerts data.

DataPorts aims to establish a unique data space for Europe’s maritime ports.