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Ursus develops a new distribution center in Romania

Ursus develops a new distribution center in Romania

Beer manufacturer Ursus, a leader on the Romanian market, will have a new distribution center in Eastern part of Romania, in Buzău.

The new area is located in the WDP industrial park, in Buzău, with a surface of 20,000 square meters. The transaction completed by Dunwell Industrial Brokerage will offer a new distribution center for Romania’s top beer manufacturer and easy access to the Eastern part of the country, in the Moldova region. Construction of the new center in underway, expected to be completed by the second half of 2019.

‘After the contracts signed in the summer, this transaction, along with the other ones that we have at work, gives us the prospect of a market of yet logistic and industrial spaces that are effervescent. The fact that domestic producers and retailers are developing their logistics facilities is a gratifying sign that this segment of the real estate market continues to remain on an upward trend’, according to the managing Partner at Dunwell, Marian Orzu.

The Class A building comes after a series of similar developments in Moldova, in the past three years, such as: 40,000 square meters of logistics space in Brăila, 30,000 square meters in Roman and 20,000 square meters in Iași.

Ursus Breweries is a subsidiary of Asahi Breweries Europe Ltd., the company being based in Bucharest (the capital city of Romania). The company also owns three breweries, in Timișoara, Brașov and Buzău, and a mini-craft brewery in Cluj-Napoca.