Home Automotive Valeo Autosystemy announces new investments in Poland

Valeo Autosystemy announces new investments in Poland

Valeo Autosystemy announces new investments in Poland

The French automotive group Valeo, thanks to its regional company – Valeo Autosystemy, is planning to invest in new warehouses, in two Polish cities.

The cities of Skawina and Chrzanów (Poland) will be home to new investments in Valeo Autosystemy’s existing manufacturing plants. According to the Management Board of the Kraków Technology Park, Valeo Autosystemy has been issued a permit for two reinvestment to extend its regional production plants in the two Polish cities. The total value of the investments is said to reach 420 million Polish Zloty (97,4 million Euro).

The factory in Chrzanów will benefit from an expansion of the operating plant, a new store and equipment for new production lines. The areas will be used to produce automotive lamps and will guarantee jobs for 100 people. The costs for these planned extensions and acquisitions should reach 101,7 million Polish Zloty (23,59 million Euro).

The operating plant in Skawina will benefit from an investment more than three times as much as the one in Chrzanów, at 323 million Polish Zloty (74,92 million Euro). The plant, which produces engine cooling systems and wipers, will welcome new equipment, along with new and complete production lines. The funds also include investments for research and development, by providing the laboratory with the necessary tools. As a result, the expansions for the Skawina facility will create 150 new jobs.

Poland is home to several other important companies, willing to invest in factories and expansions. For instance, Mabuchi Motor (Japan) wants to build a new plant near Bochnia. The company’s 360 million Polish Zloty (83,5 million Euro) investment will offer jobs for an estimated 400 people.

The Valeo Group employs more than 6.000 people in Poland alone and around 82.000 worldwide. The company has been operating in the Kraków Technology Park since 2013 and out of its Paris (France) central headquarters since 1923. The company is specialized in automotive products for manufacturers and aftermarket fittings.