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Romania on the right track for economic progress

Romania on the right track for economic progress

According to recent data from Romanian statistics offices, the national numbers for economic activities increased in September 2016, compared to last year’s September results.

Accordingly, September of 2016 has seen an increase of 8,4% in commercial activities, except for motor vehicles and motorcycles, compared to numbers from September 2015. Also, when you take into account the number of working days and seasonal activities, the percentages are better, going for an increase of 8.7%.

Significant improvement

September 2016 has seen a number of industries with better results than last year’s analyzed period. For instance, the industry for commercial equipment and supplies is doing 23,9% better, compared to last year’s September results. The industry for raw agricultural goods and live animals is doing 20,8% better, while commercial everyday goods, other than food and drinks, managed to increase by 8,4%. At the same time, the industry for food, alcohol and tobacco is 8% more profitable, brokerage activities are doing 5,5% better and IT-related devices and telecommunications are up 4,5%.

Better numbers from market services, as well

At the same time, a number of market services, especially those reserved for enterprises, have witnessed a significant improvement over last year. Specifically, we can see a net increase of 10,7%, compared to September 2015, and an increase of 12,4%, taking into account seasonal activities and the number of working days.

The greatest improvement in the services industry is reserved for IT and information technology services, with a 24,7% improvement in September 2016 over September 2015. The second place is attributed to transport services (15,7% increase).