Home Logistics 3PL RALU Logistika is expanding its logistics operations in Serbia

RALU Logistika is expanding its logistics operations in Serbia

RALU Logistika is expanding its logistics operations in Serbia

RALU Logistika, a top 3PL provider for cold chain solutions in the South-East of Europe, has begun its logistics operations in Serbia, by acquiring a warehouse with temperature controlled conditions. The new facility has 8.000 sqm of space and it is situated on a land parcel of 75.000 sqm in the Ugrinovci business zone near Belgrade thereby allowing the company to further increase its logistics capacities in the Republic of Serbia.

Together with a center in Zagreb with a total area of 11.500 sqm and a service area of 1.500 sqm, the company can provide top integrated logistics services for the cold chain management-  transport, warehousing, picking and distribution to sales points in several countries in the Southeast Europe.

“A top logistics service demands a top infrastructure, business processes and the best people. The acquisition of a logistics center in Belgrade enables us to provide our clients with a logistics solution in the area of the entire region with the highest level of reliability by using our own infrastructure. The implementation of the most modern process and information technology in Rugvica ensures a reliable service for our clients along with optimal prices and complete assurance of cold chain integrity during the entire logistics process. Within a few months, by utilizing all relevant quality standards, such as ISO, HACCP and IFS, we will implement the identical business model in Serbia to the satisfaction of all our current and future business partners who are in need of a solution for the entire region. Our goal is to uphold our position of the leading independent supplier of integrated cold chain logistics service in the region and of a desirable partner to our clients “, said Mr. Zvonimir Šćurec, the Chairman of the Board of RALU Logistika.

RALU Logistika provides transport services for all types of goods in temperature-controlled conditions in all of Europe and Russia and is present on several markets in the south and east of Europe: Croatia, Serbia and Hungary.

Since 2014, Ralu Logistics is a member of PLAN Europe (Pharma Logistics Alliance Network) – a network comprising seven European logistics companies which cooperate, according to the most recent GDP Pharma standards, to offer a complete logistics support to pharmaceutical industry throughout Europe.